How to Prevent Community Spread of COVID-19

Our commitment to safe care

We’re here when you need us. For everyday care or life-changing care, you can count on us to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

While the coronavirus is still in our community and is still contagious, Curacao Medical Center continues engaging in all efforts to remain a safe place for patients and colleagues. Do you have concerns about COVID-19 ? Are you coming in for an appointment ? You should feel confident we’re keeping your family — and our caregivers — safe.

Hospital and Emergency Care During COVID-19

Curaçao Medical Center continues to follow the highest level of safety precautions as we monitor COVID-19 on Curaçao. During the COVID-19 pandemic it’s important to understand that when you need medical care, you should seek treatment. Our hospital and our emergency department is open and available to provide you with safe emergency and essential care. In case you have symptoms of COVID-19, you need to contact your General Practitioner who will advise if you need to be tested or if an ambulance needs to be called to take you to the hospital emergency. Should you have COVID-19 symptoms, please always call your General Practitioner to ensure he/she follows the correct protocol which allows the CMC Emergency to prepare for your arrival.

Please adhere to our safety measures we have in place to protect all our patients and staff member.

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During COVID Outbreak

For COVID-19 related

  • What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms? Call your General Practitioner. If you need to be tested or sent to the hospital, the General Practitioner will guide you through the process. If your family doctor is not available you can call 9345 or visit the website: for more information.
  • Where to go if the General Practitioner sends you to the Hospital without an ambulance? You will need to go directly to the Emergency Department. If by any means you do not feel well to travel by your own, contact your General Practitioner.
  • When am I admitted in a regular COVID Department? After the patient is triaged at the Emergency room, the doctor will decide if the patient needs to be admitted in a regular department or a Covid department. Patients that are infected with the corona virus and
    have difficulty breathing will be admitted in one of the COVID departments.
  • What happens in the Intensive Care Department? Critically ill patients needing intensive care like ventilation support are admitted into the Intensive Care Unit.
  • What happens when a patient needs to be intubated? Intubation is a process where a tube is placed into a person’s windpipe (trachea) through the mouth or nose. This can be performed when someone is going under anesthesia during a surgery, in more
    emergency situations when someone is extremely ill and needing breathing support, being too weak to breathe on their own.
  • What does it mean for the hospital care when patients with the Corona virus are admitted to the CMC? The CMC has allocated separate departments for COVID-19 patients. At the moment, until further notice all elective appointments and/or treatments are
    postponed with the exception of the following departments: Wound Policlinic, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Dialysis, and Hyperbaric treatments.
  • I have flu symptoms (cold, fever, and cough), can I come to the hospital? No, you should contact your family doctor first. If the doctor is unreachable you can call GGD at 9345. If it is an urgent matter and you cannot reach your doctor nor GGD, call 912 and the
    ambulance operator will guide you what you should do.

GENERAL Questions

  • How do I stay connected with my family member who has been admitted in CMC? If you are the first contact person of the patient, you may call the “Keda Konektá” / Stay Connected Center and ask for the general status of the patient at +5999 745-004. Note that
    each patient can only have ONE contact on the record. We ask all other family members to channel their questions through the contact member.
  • Can I still contact CMC if I have acute physical complaints? The best is to contact your General Physician or the one on duty/call for your GP. If not reachable, you can call 745-0000 and ask the operator to connect you with the Emergency Room. In a life or death
    situation, call the ambulance at 912.
  • What if I’m afraid to go to the emergency department (if I am not a COVID-19 patient)? We understand those fears. Our emergency department is able to isolate patients who may have COVID-19 or other infections from those with other emergent problems.
    Emergency department staff members wear personal protective equipment and separate patients who may have COVID-19 to ensure infections are not spread from person to person. Each patient room is fully cleaned and disinfected after each patient leaves. Note
    also that waiting too long to seek care for some health care emergencies is a bigger risk than the chance of contracting COVID-19.
  • What safety precautions are you taking to help make sure the environment is safe and clean for me? Your health and well-being are our highest priorities. At CMC, our infection prevention specialists are leaders in providing guidelines to help reduce the spread of
    COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, and we take infection prevention very seriously in all of our clinics, patient rooms and operating rooms. In addition, we have carefully planned and taken extra precautions to help ensure that we are doing everything we can to
    minimize any risk to our patients and staff members. Our medical staff works closely with our Infection Prevention to ensure the highest levels of safety are observed.
  • I have no flu symptoms (cold, fever and cough) and I have been in contact with a person who is infected with the Corona virus. Can I come to the hospital? No, you should be in quarantine and contact your family doctor and/or GGD immediately.
  • I have an appointment or an operation in CMC soon. Can it continue? Till further notice, all elective treatments, examinations and/or interventions are canceled. All operations that are not considered emergency or acute have been canceled with the exception of the
    following departments: Wound Policlinic, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Dialysis, and Hyperbaric treatments.
  • I have an appointment and I want to cancel it. How do I do this? You may call +5999-745-0045 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm and ask for the required clinic.
  • I am pregnant, should I be concerned? No, you should not be concerned. You should follow the current hygiene and social distancing guidelines. Otherwise, you may contact your family doctor.
  • Will deliveries in CMC continue as usual? Yes, the obstetrics department (C2) is open for deliveries. You can reach the department at 745-0013 for further information.
  • Can I volunteer? Many volunteers have signed up during the last recruitment process. Please follow our Facebook page for notifications would we need additional assistance.

The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Curacao has plateaued recently. Therefore, we will resume clinical appointments and routine surgical cases (non-urgent, elective care) that require an overnight
hospital stay at Curacao Medical Center on May 1, 2021.

We will continue to monitor our scheduled surgical cases, hospital bed capacity and caregiver support. We are still caring for a significant number of patients with COVID-19. However, we currently have the ability and
capacity to serve all of our patients while safely resuming surgical services.

At this moment, no visitors are allowed, except for extraordinary circumstances where family is called in to be present. We know having a loved one in the hospital is stressful for you and your family — and it can be made worse by the COVID-19 precautions in place to limit the spread of the pandemic. But please be assured that caring for our patients is our top priority.

During these unprecedented times, our commitment to the highest-quality patient care may cause a delay in some of our communications. For this reason, we have created a “Keda Konektá” team to offer the opportunity for family to stay connected with hospitalized patients. Contact: +5999-745-0045.

Here are some ways to help make the most of these update calls, so that you receive the information that’s most important to you:
• You and your family should identify a single point of contact for our Keda Konektá team to call. It’s best if this person is the legally-authorized representative (able to make decisions for your loved one if they are
• Have this designated person make sure that everyone in your family learns about any important updates.
• Keep a list of important questions so you can make sure nothing is forgotten during the call.

Hearing directly from your loved one when they’re able is also important. Besides receiving an update from a caregiver, we can also schedule a video call using one of our devices, if they do not have a personal device.
Making sure hospitalized patients connect with loved ones is important for creating a healing environment.

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