Compliments and Complaints

Your feedback is important to our team. We are constantly looking for improvement opportunities to better the quality of our care and service. Complaints help us to refine and improve the way we do our work at the Curaçao Medical Center. Similarly, compliments motivate our team and helps us recognize when we are meeting or exceeding standards for care.

Complaints procedure

If you are satisfied with the care provided, please tell others, if not, tell us!

The Curaçao Medical Center considers it important that its patients are satisfied with the care provided. Despite all efforts, feelings of dissatisfaction and misunderstanding about the care and treatment can arise. We recommend that you report a complaint as soon as possible, so that it can be processed.

Where can you go with your complaint?

A complaint is best discussed where it comes from. You can contact the head of the department for this. You can also report your complaint confidentially to the complaints officer. It is determined in consultation how the complaint can best be handled, for example by mediating between the parties.

Handling of the complaint

All complaints are registered and reported to the Board of Directors. A complaint can be handled in the following ways:
– Request for registration: if the complainant does not want an opinion from the Complaints Committee, but does want to give a signal or report of dissatisfaction or shortcomming, this complaint will only be registered and analyzed;
-Request for a (practical) solution / mediation: the complaints officer handles the complaint and looks for a solution;
-request for a judgement: the complaints committee investigates the complaint and judges (give its opinion). The complaints committee only deals with written complaints.

A combination of the different routes is also possible.

If the complainant opts for mediation by the complaints officer and / or investigation by the complaints committee, he / she must complete and sign an authorization (permission for medical file) (if necessary for the complaint handling). By means of this authorization, the complainant gives permission to the doctors, nurses and paramedical personnel involved to provide information and to allow inspection of the medical file by the complaints officer and the complaints committee, if and insofar as necessary for the handling of the submitted complaint.

The complaints committee

The complaints committee is independent and impartial and has the task of arriving at an opinion on the merits of the complaint on the basis of an investigation that has been initiated. During a hearing, the complaints committee gives the complainant the opportunity to explain the complaint orally. During the hearing, the accused is given the opportunity to respond verbally to the complaint. In principle, the parties are heard simultaneously by the committee. Both parties can also be assisted by a person designated by themselves in handling the complaint. The decision is then forwarded to the complainant, accused, relevant manager and the Board of Directors.


Clearly indicate the cause of your complaint and what you want to achieve. A clearly formulated complaint prevents misunderstandings and disappointments. Include all details as stated on your patient card.

If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of a patient, please also clearly state your name, address, telephone number and possibly e-mail.


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