About Curaçao Medical Center

After many years of waiting, the day has finally arrived: Curaçao Medical Cental (CMC) is here, a new state-of-the-art hospital with extensive specialized medical care.

The care of patients in the Curaçao Medical Center is centralized and coordinated. This means that all activities in the hospital are interconnected, which provides the patients with optimal and integral care. In so doing, space is created to apply trustworthy alternatives and additional medication as well. This makes CMC Curaçao’s most important provider of both specialized medical care and high-level clinical care.

The large building of Curaçao Medical Center at night.

Moreover, we want to work sustainably and comply with international standards of quality and security norms, in which the patients and security are the focal points. This is done from a healthy financial position to actively contribute to Curaçao’s development.

In addition, we have several specializations in clinical care — these include hematology, oncology, radiotherapy, neurological surgery/neurology, a catheterization laboratory, intensive neonatal care, and cardiology for children.

At the CMC, we work with routes to make the process of reaching our departments easier for you. If at any time you visit the hospital for treatment or admittance, you will need to follow a route to reach your department.


Our mission is to provide high-quality hospital care to Curaçao and the region.

Our motto is “Sirbi ku Amor,” which means “Serving with love.” We work with love and respect to restore, maintain and strengthen the quality of life of our patients.”

Patients, visitors and employees walking through the Curaçao Medical Center.

Our vision

We give substance to our mission by being a general hospital with basic and high-level hospital care. Additionally, we have different medical disciplines to deliver never-before-seen healthcare in Curaçao. We also provide medical education and conduct scientific research.

We aim to have good cooperation and synchronization with:

  1. Other hospitals in the region and the Netherlands,
  2. the first line (general practitioner and midwife),
  3. and also the third line, which includes home care and nursing homes.

In cooperation with Advent Hospitaal, we offer the Curaçaoan community a complete package of specialized medical care. The CMC also has an alliance with medical university centers, among them the Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen and Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum in the Netherlands and the Fundación Cardioinfantil in Bogotá, Colombia.

Embahador di Amor

Our ambassadors enhance the care provided to our patients and their families. As part of our CMC team, the ambassador does rounds to assist the professional staff (nurses and doctors) in assuring that the comfort of patients, families and visitors are met throughout their hospitalization. Should a patient have questions, feedback or a complaint they have not had an opportunity to voice to a nurse or doctor, they can always call upon the “Embahador di Amor.”


Volunteers at CMC

Volunteers are a vital part of CMC’s mission to provide the best care to every patient. Because of their dedication, volunteers make CMC’s primary value — the needs of the patient come first — a reality.

Every day, volunteers of all ages spend countless hours serving patients and visitors in key areas throughout CMC.  Volunteers play a key role in making a difference for CMC patients and visitors. CMC volunteers provide patients and visitors with hospitality and services that would otherwise not be available.

Do you want to be a CMC volunteer?

If you have the heart to volunteer, you will be fulfilled in a unique way. In giving, you will receive so much more. Because of our patient care focus, we are seeking individuals who are dependable, compassionate, understanding, have good communication skills and are able to perform all duties in their service area. There are a wide range of opportunities, including assisting patients and their families, providing information, and being a source of encouragement at any point for those who need it.

People of all walks of life volunteer at CMC, where they find fellowship and fulfillment helping others while honoring CMC’s primary value: The needs of the patient come first.

Contact us at communication@cmc.cw for more information.

Please submit your information to become a volunteer at CMC:

Healthcare worker who wants to gift time during the COVID crisis.

A general volunteer who has 3-4 hours a week to give to CMC on a long-term basis. The job will entail giving guidance to patients.


Have some feedback for us?

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In the case of an emergency, call 910