Intensive Care

Patients who have a serious illness, have suffered a serious accident or who are recovering from a major operation are treated in the ICU.


At Curaçao Medical Center, we have a department that consists of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of 9 beds, including 3 isolation rooms, and a Medium Care Unit (MCU) of 9 beds, including 3 isolation rooms. Patients who have a serious illness, have suffered a serious accident or who are recovering from a major operation are treated in the ICU. The patients’ vital functions such as their breathing, circulation and consciousness must be intensively monitored, supported or even replaced. Any changes in the patients’ conditions are immediately detected by means of monitors, checks and observations and treatment can therefore be adjusted quickly. The Medium Care unit serves as a step-down location for intensive care where patients continue to receive specialist care after a major operation or illness before being transferred to a regular nursing ward.
The ICU team at Curaçao Medical Center is multi-disciplinary, made up of highly skilled intensive care nurses, doctors and specialists trained in providing critical care for patients with a variety of medical, surgical and trauma conditions.

The ICU at Curaçao Medical Center is one of the most critically functioning operational environments in a hospital. Our ICU is of a large sterile area with a high concentration of specialized, technical and monitoring equipment needed to care for critically ill patients.

The ICU environment can be confronting for some patients and visitors who may find the activity, sounds, machines, tubes and monitors intimidating. When you visit someone you care about in ICU it can be an uncomfortable experience –  you may feel helpless, overwhelmed, frustrated and sad. Your feelings and apprehension are understood by the staff that provide support for the people you care about. Our ICU has a higher ratio of doctors and nurses to patients to ensure patients are closely monitored.

Intensive Care Conditions

Treatments & Services

About our Intensive Care Unit

  • ICU equipment
  • It can be a frightening and uncertain time for you, family and friends to see people you care about being monitored and supported by machines.  In the ICU you will see many patients connected to a heart monitor, others will be supported with breathing assistance from artificial ventilators, be on dialysis machines and receiving a variety of intravenous infusions via tubes and drips. Be prepared to see lots of lines, tubes, wires and monitoring equipment. Almost all ICU equipment uses alarms to let staff know about a change in a patient’s condition. Not all equipment alarms signal an emergency situation.
  • Mobile phones
  • Mobile phones should be turned off in ICU as they may interfere with vital electrical equipment supporting patients.
  • Visitors
  • We have a strict visitor policy to ensure the wellbeing of our patients. Our ICU team will communicate the policy, requirements and visitation hours directly to the patient’s primary contact. Please take note that visiting is usually restricted to people the patient considers to be immediate family. If you are feeling unwell or have an existing health condition you should reconsider visiting ICU or discuss your circumstances with ICU staff before you plan to visit.
  • Hygiene
  • As intensive care patients are very vulnerable to infections, it is important that visitors wash their hands before entering ICU to prevent transferring infection.
  • Gifts
  • Restrictions are in place to allow easy access to vital medical equipment and to patients. If you are unsure what you can bring with you check with ICU staff before you plan to visit.

Additional Care

  • Counseling
  • Admission to ICU because of critical illness or accident can have a huge physical and emotional impact on your life and your family. Our ICU at Curaçao Medical Center has a dedicated counsellor to provide support for patients and their families. The counsellors is highly experienced and a thorough knowledge of ICU procedures.
  • Pastoral and Spiritual care
  • For many people, emotional and spiritual thoughts tend to surface when someone they care about is in a critical condition in hospital.  We can provide pastoral counseling services for patients, families who need compassionate, professional and spiritual guidance and support. We also offer a Tranquility Space on level 1 that is open 24×7 for times of reflection and prayer.