With hemodialysis, the blood is cleaned by an artificial kidney outside the body. Hemodialysis is a form of dialysis.
Hemodialysis (‘blood flushing’) usually happens 2 to 3 times a week and lasts 3 to 4 hours. You can go to the Dialysis Centre for haemodialysis. This happens during the day.
Contact number is +5999-745-0027 Monday to Saturday

How does the treatment work?

Here you will find all the important information about your treatment.


How do you prepare? For hemodialysis, it is important that access to the bloodstream is good. Before you start the hemodialysis, the vascular surgeon will apply a shunt. This usually happens in the arm.


You weigh yourself before and after the treatment if you can. This way your doctor can see how much fluid has been removed from your body.

The treatment

How does the treatment work? With hemodialysis you sit or lie next to the dialysis machine. The nurse will connect you to the machine. Through a needle in your bloodstream, your blood is pumped through a plastic tube through the dialysis filter. Then the cleaned blood flows back into your body through a tube. In the rinsing liquid of the dialysis machine, waste products, excess salts, acids and water remain. During dialysis, you will remain in the dialysis chair or in bed. You can read, watch television, use the internet, rest or have a chat with other patients.


Practical tips

What do you take with you? At every appointment in the hospital you must bring: a valid proof of identity and your insurance card.

Training Hospital

In the Curacao Medical Center we train nurses, co-assistants, doctors and other healthcare providers. This means that several healthcare providers are sometimes present at your appointment. And it may be that you are being examined or treated by a healthcare provider in training.
This healthcare provider always works under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider.


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