OR staff shortage at CMC prompts surgery cutbacks

Willemstad, March 31st,2022 – Staff shortage in the Operating Room at Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) is
leading to delays and unfortunately several surgery cancelations. At full capacity 7 operating rooms are
staffed, but with the department being short-staffed by 11 positions, consisting of Anethesiology
assistants, OR assistants, Sterilization assistants, and Recovery room nurses, only 5 operating rooms can be
fully staffed for use.

The reason for the shortage is the outflux of personnel during the past months. There was a lot of pressure
on the staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and they had to immediately gear up during the past month to
make up for the long waiting list. They are worn out and stressed, so some are leaving for other
opportunities locally and abroad. This shortage will result into approximately 60 to 70 fewer surgeries per

The Human Resource Department is working hard, searching both locally and abroad, to fill these positions
as soon as possible

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