Reducing dizziness (adaptation exercises)


Dizziness can be reduced by performing the exercises below (adaptation exercises) regularly.
It is recommended to do the exercises twice a day for ten minutes.

Exercises laying down

Eye movement; initially slowly, gradually faster:

  • alternately looking up and down;
  • alternately looking left and right;
  • alternately looking near and far.

Head movement; initially slowly, gradually faster:

  • alternately bending forwards and backwards;
  • rotate alternately to the left and right.

Physical exercise:

  • from a sitting position alternately lie on the left and right side;
  • alternate left and right side positions.

Exercises in a sitting position

  • raising and turning shoulders;
  • bend over and pick up objects from the ground;
  • head and torso alternately turn to the left and right;
  • sit down / lie down.

Exercises in standing position

  • Throwing a ball over your head from one hand to the other.

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