CMC inaugurates its first Neuro Care Unit (NCU)

Willemstad November 3rd, 2021 – On November 1st, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) opened the doors to
its first Neuro Care Unit in the Neurology nursing department. The NCU is part of the clinical department
where patients with an acute neurological disorder can be very intensively checked, monitored and
treated. Special equipment is available and the nurses are trained in quickly identifying physical changes
and preventing complications such as choking and thrombosis.

Patients with the following neurological conditions can be admitted to NCU: Cerebral hemorrhage; and
epilepsy, trauma and, if necessary, muscle diseases. The stay in the NCU is generally relatively short after
which the patient is transferred to the regular Neurology ward to start the rehabilitation process if
necessary. Previously, this group of patients was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit.