CMC welcomes all COVID-19 patients that need hospital care

Willemstad, April 6th, 2021 – Curaçao Medical Center continues to assume its responsibility to extend hospital care to all COVID-19 patients that require this. Although the situation is very critical, with the amount of patients increasing on a daily basis, CMC will continue doing the maximum to care for our community. This care entails that all patients that would normally receive hospital care will also receive COVID-19 care as far as the space and personnel allows.
At this moment, there are 121 patients in CMC, of which 32 are in the Intensive Care units. We expanded to be able to accommodate 160 rooms within CMC to care specifically for COVID-19 patients. The remainder of the rooms need to remain available for emergency cases. The Calamity team of CMC is in the final stages of preparing SEHOS in order to start receiving the overflow of COVID-19 patients starting this weekend.
We can start accommodating 30 patients at SEHOS and increase the space to take care of up to 99 patients. The process for a patient to arrive at the hospital, whether this is for care at CMC or at SEHOS, will remain the same. If a patient experiences COVID-19 symptoms, they must contact their General Practitioner who will channel the process via the Ambulance service and CMC if this is necessary. All patients will go through a check-up at CMC and guided to the respective department at CMC or at SEHOS.

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