CMC thanks local companies for the Nurses day production

Willemstad, May 12th 2021 – Curaçao Medical Center and the community of Curaçao received a beautiful giftfrom various local companies for Nurses day, in form of a LIVE produkshon called “Apresio’’. May 12th is an important day to honor and appreciate all our nurses that serve with love and pride. In the live production, attention was also placed on the other pillars of CMC that form a part of the care chain.
CMC is incredibly grateful that despite the current situation in Curaçao, some local companies and people came together to present this beautiful gift to us. On behalf of all the nurses and the rest of the Curaçao Medical Center team, we would like to thank: Mauricia Pictures, HelpR, MMO Dutch Caribbean, Shon Fia, Coca Cola, Ronald Mc Donald House, Panaderi Isa, General Catering, Curacao Chinese Union, Panaderia 2000 i Distribier.

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