Intensive Care Unit at CMC is about to reach its maximum capacity due to lack of personnel

Willemstad, 11 di ougùstùs, 2021 – The Intensive Care (IC) space at Curaçao Medical Center for both COVID and non-Covid patients is filling up, so the hospital must continue escalating into other departments because of personnel and space scarcity in the IC unit. The next department to be converted into an IC unit is the Recovery room, where patients who have been operated on go to recover. As a result, CMC must cancel more elective surgeries to allocate some of the recovery room space and personnel to assist with IC patients.

In total, CMC has 16 IC beds and 10 beds in the heart department. A certain number of specialized personnel work in these departments with the specific expertise to attend to patients needing extra medical attention.  Due to the increase in IC patients during the last few days, all Non-Covid IC patients had to be transferred to the heart department, including Coronary Care and Emergency Heart Care units. These departments are now also full.  In addition, the IC team had to be split into these departments while other nurses and specialists from across the hospital had to be recruited to assist the IC specialized team.  Comparted to the peak of the pandemic in April, when the Netherlands had assisted with 137 specialists and nurses, CMC is now left with only 10 whose contracts end this month. Of the team of 137, 55 were IC nurses.

In addition, CMC has noted an increase in employee sick days, particularly among Operating room and Intensive care personnel, which is an indication of high pressure on the job.  So the combination of all the above forms a tremendous pressure on the personnel. This pressure counts not only for the IC team, but also for the heart department, neurology department and various nursing wards that have fewer staff to count on due to the personnel shift.