CMC surgeons remove a portion of the liver to help patients fight cancer

Willemstad, July 30th t, 2021 – During the past month, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) surgeons, Dr. Boyé and Dr. Berry, performed liver resections on cancer patients. These were the first surgeries of this kind at CMC. During this procedure, a portion of the liver is surgically removed. Surgical resection is a good option to treat cancer in the liver and gives the patient a better outlook on life.

The liver is a vital organ, meaning that one cannot live without it. It serves many critical functions, including metabolism of drugs and toxins. During a liver resection, the part of your liver that contains cancer is removed. Only people with good liver function who are healthy enough for surgery and who have a tumor that has not grown into vital blood vessels can have this operation. Up to half of your liver can be removed as long as the rest is healthy. After this operation, the patient can live a healthy life.


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