Curaçao Medical Center’s redundant system guarantees water supply in case of maintanance or calamity

Willemstad, yüli 10th, 2021 – Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) has a redundant (back-up) water supply system that guarantees continuity in case water is cut. This was validated during a planned interruption of four hours by Aqualectra in consultation with CMC. CMC’s water system guarantees water supply to all department even in case of a disconnection by Aqualectra due to maintenance or a calamity.

From Tuesday, July 6th, in the evening, until the early morning of July 7th, Aqualectra conducted work on the water supply network that supplies CMC. In order execute work on the existing network that also connects the Megapier 2 and Marriott Courtyard hotel, the water supply had to be temporarily shut off. As a hospital, CMC has to be operational 24×7 and is not permitted to experience water supply interruption. So the CMC Real Estate team (Vastgoed) did several preparatory tests prior to the actual water cut off to ensure readiness.

The shift to the back-up system is safe and secure and also includes a hygiene protocol that the Real Estate team executed the day of the test to guarantee the water quality. With this protocol the water is guided through a modern ultraviolet filtration system. A “Hydrofor” also ensures that the correct water pressure is distributed throughout the hospital.

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